Bianchi Aria Disc Ultegra


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The Bianchi Aria is the latest bike in Bianchis traditional race bike family. It offers the same geometry as the Oltre series bike or the Specialissima. This geometry guarantees that the bike is moving fast, agile and highly reactive. Just like racers love it. The Aria is built of high end carbon fibre. The construction follows the latest wind-tunnel tested aerodynamic insights. The Aria is a thrilling bike that fascinates from the first moment on. Stefan Seebauer from BianchiStore about the Aria: "In my opinion the Aria is the perfect bike for young (or young at heart) racers. It is superfast and superagile.When you really push the pedals the first time you immediately want more. You can't stop pushing this phantastic race machine. For me the perfect bike for criterium racing or fast club rides. The whole package is offered at a sensational price point. I go out on a limb and say: there's no better bike for this pricing available out there."

Product Code: BIADTNTX55


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